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Columbus, OH, the best place to be.
I like indie rock and metal and walks in the middle of the night.



Did you know that you can make houses out of plastic bottles? By filling them with sand, and molding them together with mud or cement, the walls created are actually bullet proof, fire proof, and will maintain an comfortable indoor temperature of 64 degrees in the summer time.

And it’s not like there is any shortage on used plastic bottles out there. Here are some statistics from

“The United States uses 129.6 Million plastic bottles per day which is 47.3 Billion plastic bottles per year. About 80% of those plastic bottles end up in a landfill!”

To build a two bedroom, 1200 square foot home, it takes about 14,000 bottles.

The United States throws away enough plastic bottles to build 9257 of these 2 bedroom houses per day! That’s just over 3.35 million homes, the same number of homeless people in America.

Many people in third world countries have taken up building homes out of plastic bottles, from Africa to Asia. Perhaps the trend will catch on in America and all of those bottles will stop ending up in the landfills. Wouldn’t they be better off housing the homeless? Kinda like all those empty houses scattered all over the country?



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self love is not about selfishness

self love is not selfish

self love is about taking care of yourself so that you are able to care for others

self love is doing what is best for your life, so that you are able to pass on that goodness in turn

please put your own oxygen mask first, before attempting to help others with theirs

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"sit up straight" how dare you i’ll sit as gay as i please

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why doesn’t anywhere sell normal clothes for women? like i want a plain black fuckin sweater not a mohair cross stitch embroidered cropped asymmetrical slouch longline short sleeved drop hem thing with a hole in the back 

can i get an amen

Sorry, we only stock the Amen in size XXS.

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more important than education 


more important than education 

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part of me wants to do really well in school and get an amazing job and the other part of me just wants to lie on the floor and do nothing ever because i’m gonna die in the end anyway

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I can’t believe I watched that whole thing. Smh. That’s how I know I am.

where are the notes

we fucking broke it, guys

there are literally no notes